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About Us

Vote2Give is a new initiative enabling people to nominate and vote for any UK based registered charities to receive donations and prizes.

Our long term vision for Vote2Give will hopefully result in a sigle website where organisations and private individuals from all over the UK unite to donate money to UK based registered charities in a dynamic and interactive way.

Organisations can sponsor a "VoteBox" in which they allocate a certain amount of funds to be donated each month - the public can then nominate and vote for the charity that they want to receive the donation or prize. Click here to see Friendship Zone’s VoteBox as an example.

You can nominate a charity by simply filling in the ‘Nominate a Charity’ section in your chosen VoteBox, or vote for an already nominated charity by SMS. Nominations and votes will cost you just 50p plus your standard network rate, but could raise hundreds of pounds for your chosen charity!

At the end of each month, the charities with the most votes in each VoteBox will receive donations or prizes set out by the sponsor.

Vote2Give launched in October 2012 and is managed by Friendship Zone - a charity that gives micro grants to the general public, helping them to achieve their Dreams. Friendship Zone was founded in 2008 by Paul Kuznecovs, a socially conscious entrepreneur.

As Vote2Give is a new initiative, we are relying on you, our visitors, to help us by spreading the word - so please tell your friends about us! We also welcome your feedback to help us improve our website.