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Terms & Conditions

The follow outlines the terms and conditions of using the services offered by Vote2Give.

By using any of the services provided by Vote2Give, you agree to the terms and conditions below and you also accept our privacy policy.

Non Guarantee:

Vote2Give and its partners, cannot guarantee against any technical or human errors that may result in your vote or nomination not being received or processed. We will however investigate cases where an error has resulted in a vote not being processed or a nomination not being received.


Each nomination cost 50p plus you network standard rate. The nomination is only charged when confirmation SMS is received. Vote2Give will only approve nominations of registered charities based in the United Kingdom. Nominations are moderated by our staff, and it can take up to 24 hours for nominations to be moderated. Vote2Give and its partners reserve the right to reject any nomination that it feels is not suitable. If the charity you nominate is rejected, you will be notified. The 50p charge for each nomination, and the fee charged by your telephone network company, are not refundable. Nominations are resetted at the of each month, so you need to nominate charity of your choice again the beginning of each month. One charity can be nominated and accepted by moderators only once per VoteBox per month.

SMS Messaging:

Vote2Give and its partners cannot guarantee against technical or human error that effects the free SMS service. We cannot guarantee that your message will be delivered. By using the free SMS service, you also understand that one of our advertiser’s messages will be included at the end of your SMS.


Each vote cost 50p plus you network standard rate. The voting cost is only charged when confirmation SMS is received.  We recommend that you do not leave voting for last minute, vote in advance, voting results at the end of each month are final. If several charities get the same number of votes - the winner will be selected randomly by the program. If no charities receive votes rollover happens for the place in question. It takes up to 2 weeks to process the winners. Votes made between 1st and the end of the 9th of each month are multiplied by 3, but charged is only for one vote. Votes made between 10th and the end of the 19th of each month are multiplied by 2, but charge is only for one vote. 

Applicable Law:

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales.


These Terms & Conditions shall not be varied except by agreement in writing.